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About Us

About Us
Hello Friends, Welcome to Aasoupdate.com title by TrueReviewZ  blog your destination to all Latest gadgets reviews, movies reviews and collection, self-helf tips & advice & Entertainment News.
About blog:
True ReviewZ is my dream blog, here on my blog I share articles related to Gadgets Reviews, Movies Reviews & box office collection. I started this blog on 16 May 2018  to share my knowledge about Health Wealth Related Updates & Ideas . I love Sharing my view related to Health & Wealth  by my heart. 
My basic resoen and inspiration that starting blogs to all about learning to people.
Inform their about health & wealth related ideas and tips in 100% genuinely.
If I talk about earning stats so yet I earning with affiliate marketing with Amazon.
About me:
My name is Amil Hasan a professional Blog Writer or Content writer After completion of my studies in Delhi, yes I born in Delhi in 1996 6th of January. I have passed from GBSSS High School from CBSE Board Delhi.
I hated to work doing under any boss honestly I newer think to doing the job 9 to 5 Pm my only focus that how I can grow my self and how I can grow my skills my personality with not doing jobs I am also wanted to do business and working in my term and condition

I love to do basically Affiliate Marketing.  I started Affiliate marketing in 2018, Jan. With the Amazon.com
I am blogging since 3 of month I know that I am begginer but I am passanaite to my work. Earlier I was started blogs related make money online but yet I also write blogs about Health & Fitness Related and Events related.
My Basic Blogs :-
Currently, I am working my blogs onece you are on Aasotech.blogspot.com.
If I tell you in brief then:
Aasotech.blogspot.com: Health & Wealth Related
Aasoshop.blogspot.com: Amazon affiliate marketing related
Aasoupdate.com: Festival and events, sports, sharing ideas, view and tips about technology and business.

What are Amil Hasan's Areas Of Interest?
I love Blogging & Web Designing and Razma chawal  is my Favorite.
My Died heart movie is Titanic 1997 by james camron from Hollywood
and Veer Zaara Starrer by SRK from Bollywood
Email Address:- amilh00786@gmail.com