How to Vote #India: Lok Sabha Elections 2019

  • How to Vote #India In Lok Sabha Elections (2019)
  • Lok Sabha Elections 2019 has begun
  • You can check your name in voter list first and find your polling booth near you

How to Vote #India Lok Sabha Elections 2019 | How to check my vote | how to register to vote India

How to Vote #India Lok Sabha Elections 2019? How to check my vote? how to register to vote India? There is lot of question in our mind right now as we all know that the world’s biggest democratic process has starts and the lok sabha elections phase 4 has begun. 

How to Vote #India: Lok Sabha Elections 2019 

So here is the question that everyone is asking is how to vote #India?

India’s Lok Sabha Elections is one the largest democratic process in the world and lok sabha elections held every five years in the country. Every eligible vote have contribute in india’s lok sabha election with their precious votes, to vote in india lok sabha elections is not the very tuff job is it? But here is some important things and points that you have to keep in mind when you are going to contributing in lok sabha general elections. Now this is why we are here to guide you to how to vote in india.
So here is how to vote #India in lok sabha elections 2019 will be held across the country in May.

How to Check My Vote On 2019 Lok Sabha Election Voter List?

You can vote only if your name is appears in the voter list, voter can also find the details on polling booth.

If you want to vote in 2019 lok sabha elections, first you have to check your name and other details in voter list, here is step by step guide to check your name in 2019 lok sabha general elections voter list-

  • Logging on to
  • Calling the voter helpline 1950 (please add your STD code before dialing)
  • You to SMS EPIC Number to 1950 (EPIC stands for Electors Photo Identity Card also called by voter ID card)
  • Use ‘Voter Helpline App’ to verify your name in Electoral Roll

How to Find Polling Booth?

If you are not able to find the polling booth, you can go to the websites or you can use ‘voter helpline app’ to find your nearest polling booth.

Important point to Remember when you about to Vote in India

Mobile phones, Cameras and other electrical gadgets are not allowed inside the polling booth.

Voting Process at Polling Booth

  • Once you reach the polling booth where you have to vote, first the polling official will check your name on the voter list and check your ID proof.
  • The second one will Ink your finger, give you a slip and take your signature on a register form (Form 17A).
  • Then, you need to deposit your slip to the third polling official, you have to show your inked finger and then proceed to the polling booth.
  • Now you can vote by pressing the ballot button opposite the symbol of the candidates of your choice on the  Electronic Voting Machine (EVM).
  • Or you can press NOTA (None of the above) , if you don’t like any candidate which is the last button on the EVM.
  • Once you cast the vote, you will hear a beep sound and will see a slip that appears in the transparent window of the VVPAT machine. The slip contains the candidate serial number, Name and Symbol and it will be visible for a 6 or 7 second before it will drops in the sealed VVPAT box.

Here is the 2019 Lok Sabha Election Scheduled

2019 Lok Sabha Elections are scheduled from 11th April, 2019 to 23rd May, 2019. For more detail – please visit to check your exact dates.

  • Phase 1 – 11th April
  • Phase 2 – 18th April
  • Phase 3 – 23rd April
  • Phase 4 – 29th April
  • Phase 5 – 6th May
  • Phase 6 – 12th May
  • Phase 7 – 19th May

The 2019 Lok Sabha Elections result will announced on 23rd May……………
…please Vote, Vote, Vote………………

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