How to heal a broken heart and Move on | How to get overcome a broken heart

How to heal a broken heart and Move on, Most sensitive issue in the world & I thought that everyone has suffered from it at least once in their lives, that is my thinking I could be wrong but if I see around everywhere myself or mostly in friends & close relatives then my thinking goes correct. 

How to heal a broken heart and Move on | How to get overcome a broken heart
How to heal a broken heart and Move on | How to get overcome a broken heart

How to heal a broken heart and Move on | How to get overcome a broken heart

You know when someone faces these such of tuff situation they need some heal. In this article I share the most effective basic methods that how to heal a broken heart and move on to ahead-

Especially when we are talking about our youth & our new generation then the issue becomes the more sensitive in the new generation right now around the all over in the world, I’m not talking about especially india, infect I’m talking about the whole world because every single men has suffered by this situation once in their life. How to Get overcome a broken heart.

How to heal a broken heart and move on? Are you broken up eventually? Don't worry I'm here with my some relevant tips or advice which can helps to get overcome a broken heart. I know that most of the peoples are thinking that this is the most common issue everyone had but this is not the part of any discussion don’t you? But I think this is one the most important part to be talk about it & to be discuss about it- 

My honest aim to give you right advice and the right direction. My honest aim to tell you that especially the new generation boy’s & girl’s that don’t take the situation too serious, don’t be more serious- forget about everything what had done- let’s move on-

I know some people are thinking that why today I’m talking about this because freshly and previously I suffered the same situation in my life & I was completely broke up-

So now I’m here to take some relevant points & tips that how to overcome from the broken heart. How I get over from it & how you can get over from it, because that was very tuff for me and of course for all of us but yes that is brutal & I already feel it & realize it.

When the situation & circumstances going against of me

So that was very tuff for me, it was the very first situation of my life that is brutal for me & it just break myself from the bottom of body. I felt like everything has crush inside of my body because I did true love, honest & true love and I’m not regret it anymore.

My case is same, most of time this situation are come when your love is true but one sided, the entire feeling only from your side and the opposite side no feeling for you. So this is some kind of situation happened with me.

I’m not going to tell you about my failed love story because it brutal & emotional but I can assured you not so special but other hand if I tell you my story then you will started to cry & I don’t want you to cry, I care about my readers and I cannot see you in pain alright-

But firstly you must know about some differences, the differences between love & attraction. Because sometimes you have attracted by someone & you thought that you are in love or you are fall in love- there is a big difference between love & attraction.

Difference between Love & attraction

What is attraction? Attraction is something like- Suppose I attract by someone & I started to liking that, appreciating that & mostly I found and I realize that I attract by someone. In this situation there so no chance about love anymore, this is not love that is my attraction for someone, that is likeness & appreciation for someone who you liking a lot, that is not your love, that is your attraction friends. Attraction has various types itself like attraction to some expensive things, our TV actors & probably some peoples that is normal everybody has these same emotion.

What is love? Love is beautiful and mostly the love should be transparent, if you love someone then you make sure that you love him/her, both of the individuals should know that they are in love each other or if your love is one sided like me then my friends there is nothing bigger disaster from that. One side love is brutal & dangerous for health, it’s a fact & it’s a correct in 95 percent cases you can search it on Google- I’m not searching about that I share my opinion to you. 

And what is about love? Love is also known as purity without any selfishness & mostly Trust. There is no word to define it, I have no word do explain it or define only those peoples can define it better who has worth it & played well in their lives. I’m not kind of love guru or love specialist who can explain the true feeling of love.

I ask to you that if I say you have to going to explain love then how you define it or how you answer it? If you have true love in your life then of course you will explain the feeling better, I can explain it, I suffered it but I don’t want to explain because I cannot express my feeling to you in the better way what you deserve.

Is love good or bad? 

I met my best friend yesterday and I told him everything what all happened in past couples of week in my life, I tell him everything and then he said “that is bad”. And said “Move on bro & forget it” then, I thinking and I realized that those word was very affective especially for me- these two words seems like nothing but I tell you that was very affective in my case. I accept that I was in true love and I was forgot to sleep, forgot to wok, forgot anything but when I met my best buddy then I forgot everything what happened in my past and now I’m about to move on.

I think we should be move on in our lives, because now in the modern era this is natural thing around the world, So we all should move on & forgot about our past.

But if I answering that question ‘Is love good or bad’ then I say that love is not bad so far, love is beautiful and its good, because love has containing most beautiful things & feeling in it-

  • It allows you to care someone
  • It allows you to like someone & appreciate someone
  • It allows yourself to do anything for someone who you are love so much
  • It allows you to live for someone 
  • It gives you to the solid stand to live your entire life
  • It puts smile on the face, the real smile not fake smile that we used most of time in our life

And most of beautiful things & feeling we just can’t imagine-

Forget it to heal a broken heart

If you are broken up then gather yourself because the time has come to forget it- forget everything what was happened. Because there are no benefits to thinking about it anymore, it’s time to forget everything. Think about your family & your closers friends which means a lot in your life- think about your mother, who loves you a lot, about your father who cares your and loves you a lot, your brother & sister and your close friends who loves you a lot, that is help you to get over from your past brutal life- I please you that don’t take any bad way or any bad step, just forget it.

Move On to heal the broken heart

When I started to write this article I got very emotional because not only I broken but I have one of my very old friends who has also broken up in the past, he lost his love in the gone years, he lost himself completely & he try do some bad thing with him but we took control in the time and takes in the right way. So that’s why I please you to forget it & Move on in the life, if I talk about myself then I comes with very poor background, I have lot of beautiful things in my life that I can spend my entire life like I have my family & some best friends. 

So I think we should find the wrong way anymore, we must find those things which can help us to move on and take the fresh starts in our lives that’s it.

I have more words for discussion but I don’t want to bore you anymore but I tell you one thing that the most beautiful thing is help me a lot to move on its reading. I think we all must read books like Romance novels, I really like to read books in my free time and I honestly suggest you to read, read something what you want to read, what you likes to read, I think we all watching movies like Romantic movies, action movies I also like to watching movies but reading is more better. 

Joya & Joseph : The Short Love Story Behind the Wars
Joya & Joseph : The Short Love Story Behind the Wars

Today I picked the most beautiful and pure short love story about the two individuals Joya & Joseph- the short love story behind the wars, Indian classical beautiful short love story written by your own host AH, my own creativity. I think you should read it, you can find it on Amazon or you can grab this here with Free of cost if you like this, you can pay what you want

The book is the definition of pure love & true friendship

This is my imagination & dream story, I just thought that you should read it but before that I give you al little description about the book-
Joseph is poor statue designer who fall in love with the royal girl joya who belongs to rich & royal family, joya-Joseph and their some friends suffered brutally & divine by the disaster killings at Kolkata in 1946 in india.

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